North Carolina Press Association endorses Illinois Press Association as official public notice website partner

May 16, 2023

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RALEIGH, North Carolina ⁠— On April 14, the North Carolina Press Association (NCPA), a leading newspaper trade association in Raleigh, proudly endorsed the Illinois Press Association's web platform as the official partner for aggregating statewide public notices for the North Carolina newspapers.

As a trusted media association, NCPA recognizes the importance of public notices as a critical tool for government transparency and citizen engagement. The Illinois Press Association's web platform provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for accessing public notices from various newspapers across the state of North Carolina.

With the Illinois Press Association's platform, public notices from local municipalities, county governments, school districts and other public agencies are conveniently aggregated in one central location, making it easy for citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders to access and stay informed about important information that affects their communities.

"We are thrilled to endorse the Illinois Press Association's web platform for aggregating public notices," Phil Lucey, executive director of the NCPA, said. "It's an efficient and effective solution that streamlines the process of accessing public notices, helping to foster transparency and accountability in government operations."

The Illinois Press Association's web platform features a user-friendly interface that allows users to search and filter public notices by location, date and keywords, making it easy to find relevant information. The platform also provides notifications and updates on new public notices, ensuring that users stay informed about the latest developments in their communities.

"By endorsing the Illinois Press Association's web platform, we believe it will greatly benefit our fellow media organizations in North Carolina, " Lucey continued. "Access to accurate and timely public notices is crucial for maintaining an informed and engaged citizenry, and we are confident that this platform will provide a valuable resource for our colleagues in North Carolina." 

“With the threats to remove the practice of publishing public notice our members face, either legislatively or from private firms, it is important for our organization to be partnered with a trusted source that we have found in a fellow state press association,” Lucey added. “To have a platform built by us and for us is key for our members in continuing to deliver essential notices to the public in their print and digital editions. Like the NCPA, the Illinois Press Association answers to its members, not venture capitalists and will always have our best interests in mind.”

Don Craven, president and CEO of the Illinois Press Association, said the IPA is excited to have North Carolina endorse the IPA platform as their official partner to post all public notices in one convenient location. NCPA has become a vital partner in the growth and development of our platform and the protection of public notices.

“Our site is the largest aggregated statewide public notice platform utilized by 19 press associations and growing – it is designed to keep newspaper publications as the primary means of providing legal notices to the public, while also recognizing that there needs to be a central repository on the web,” Craven said. “Our platform upholds the principles of a public notice. Notices should be published by an independent third party, should be archivable, should be verifiable, and should be accessible. Our platform provides all that, all at no additional cost to the public body.”

“The IPA is constantly upgrading and enhancing features and benefits of the PNI platform," Craven said. "With the newly launched addition of, we are excited to offer newspapers the ability to offer public and internal placement of public notices through a seamless online system.”

The North Carolina Press Association and its member organizations encourage the public to explore this platform for aggregating statewide public notices and take advantage of this powerful tool for enhancing transparency and civic engagement.

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More than 400 newspapers are members of the Illinois Press Association, making it one of the largest state press organization in the country. The IPA continues to provide professional education, government access and newspaper advertising promotion to members. They also provide assistance for Newspapers in Education and literacy programs, education and promotion of the First Amendment, information on evolving technology and new media, and "hot button" seminars.