Reach for new revenue through philanthropy

Nov 14, 2023

Philanthropists are always looking for a way to double the impact of their support. Your newspaper’s efforts to (#1) increase literacy in the community fits with (#2) the Kid Scoop program to help children catch up in reading. Yes, two benefits for one source of new revenue!

Here’s a Kid Scoop page that your newspaper can use to appeal to local non-profit philanthropies for sponsorship. Take a look, then read below for details on how to secure this revenue.

Show this Kid Scoop page to local leaders of foundations, non-profit units of corporations and utilities that rarely advertise, service organizations, and education-minded family businesses. Point out that this page teaches youngsters about philanthropy. This Kid Scoop page teaches literacy skills as well – notice the “Standards Links” in small type. These represent required skills taught in your community schools.

Point out the Lesson Library activity that takes children into the pages of your newspaper, searching for articles about “people sharing with others.” Young learners can even research which non-profits exist in your community (the Write On! activity in the lower right-hand corner).

Ask for sponsorship dollars for this page and for Kid Scoop pages for all 52 weeks of the year! Literacy requires constant attention. Your newspaper is the perfect partner for philanthropies that seek to improve your community. Your newspaper is the heart of the community. Philanthropy can help keep it beating.

To order this page for your newspaper and others, please contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at 909-793-9890 or He can give you more tips on approaching philanthropies. Just ask!