Training for mailing newspapers through USPS’ Periodicals class available to NNA members

Dec 1, 2022

Newspaper Periodicals mail can be a mystifying product for newspaper executives. It involves a labyrinth of qualification, content and preparation rules that are set by federal laws and regulations.

Failing to follow the rules can lead to service failures, fees and even the loss of a permit. But successful use can benefit a newspaper with the lowest commercial postage rate, preferred service and, in some states, qualification as a newspaper of record.

This course, part of the Max Heath Postal Institute™, is designed to de-mystify Periodicals mail.

The course comprises several sessions:

1. Overview
2. Managing a Permit & How You Find The Answers You Need
3. Things You Forgot - Or Things You Never Knew About Periodicals
4. Using Your Permit to Generate Revenue
5. All Things Mail Entry
6. Proper Mail Preparation & Addressing
7. Governing the Nation's Monopoly Mail Service — Who is in Charge?

2023 Schedule:

1. Overview Session

2. Qualifying for a Periodicals Permit/Keeping the Permit/Hot Topics

3. Things You Never Knew

4. The Privileges

5. Proper Mail Preparation-Addressing

6. Proper Mail Preparation-Bundles, Containers..

7. Postal Policy - why it works the way it does

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